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Test how much you know about Sailor Moon

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sailor moon

1 How many sequels of Sailor Moon, and have you know each name?

2 How many soldiers in Sailor Moon and each name?

3 Who is the previous life of Chiba Mamoru, he acted whom in Sailor Moon?

4 Do you know the Japanese pronounce of Tsukino Usagi.

5 Please say the detail information of three Sailor Soldiers.(including the name, birthday, constellation, blood type, hobbies and so on)

6 Who is the author of Sailor Moon, what anime he has published?

7 How many books of the anime Sailor Moon?

8 At the anime, when would the Cbibi Moon come to Usagi’s side, and what is her real idenity.

9 At the anime, who was the 4th Sailor Soldiers?

10 At the animation, what is the song Three lights sings?

12 There have how many OVA of Sailor Moon, and each name of them.

13 what’s the soldier of Michiru Kaioh, Cbibi Moon and Kino Makoto respectively?

14 What’s the name of last two episode in 1st Sailor Moon?

15 What is the attract moves of Sailor Mercury?

16 What is the OP of Sailor Moon?

17 At the animation, who is the relative with one of the seven rainbow crystal?

18 Why ChibaMamoru would find the rainbow crystal?

19 What’s the difference of Tsukino Usagi in anime and animation?

20 What is Izumi Hoshino want to save mostly?

21 Why Prince Diamond kill Tsukino Usagi?

22 Luna loved whom among Four Heavenly Kings in Dark Kindom?

My thoughts about Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is one fresh but gorgeous fairy tale. Form the got-up, it may did not compare with current Japanese animation, however, the simple but funny story and colorful scenes impressed us very much. This anime make us forget the unskilled of the production, instead, the vivid movement and expression make an impression to us. Although sometimes the story and expression of the characters seems too exaggerated, to some extent, it could make us blend in this gorgeous fairy tale.

Maybe some people have felt the story is too simple as one anime, every episode seems have similar mode, the danger appeared, soldiers came to the stage, and finally perish the enemy. The simple repeat cause the similar of different season of the animation, actually, every episode have different connotation, every part are contend the growth of Sailor Soldiers, they could not grow up in short time, everything need step by stop. So to our enthusiasts, every little growth of the hero, we feel surprised. By contrast, the tempo of the anime is quickly than the animation.

There is someone say the Sailor Moon is one gorgeous fairy tale between the prince and princess, in deed, it not only so, it also talk about the justice and love, the friend ship between the sailor soldiers, the loyal of the subordinate. In short, the sailor moon is the combination of beautiful, unites, courage, hope and believes.