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The temptation of Uniform, Sailor Moon Uniform become the top one

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The Japanese entertainment site MyNavi unfold one poll aim at the female members about “which anime uniform is the most you want to wear?”; thre have 561 participants, and finally the uniform of Sailor Moon win the first place as 20.3% votes.

Sailor Moon

In generally, the Sailor Moon costume could said be deserved as the first prize, the design of the sailor moon costumes is very cute and special; it is very fit the sailor solders’ identity.

Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu

2nd Place: Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu — 11.2%

The aqua uniform and the red brooch could said be one classic match, although the dress is too short, as the high-waist design, it can show figure perfectly.

Hana Yori Dango

3rd Place: Hana Yori Dango — 11.1%

The plaid tops and skirts, the thin ribbon make the Eitoku Gakuen uniform become noble, which is worthy of one exclusive school.


4th Place: K-ON! — 9.1%

The navy tops matched with the gray mini-skirt, it is a nice wearing, no matter matched with panty-hose or the pants socks it perfectly fit.


5th Place: EVA — 8.4%

One special blue uniform, it is not like as other school uniforms, it is plain but full of youthful, if you feel the tight-fitting uniform did not suit you, you can try to cosplay these roles.

Shoko Nakagawa cosplay Sailor Moon in her Comics Concert

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In 20th May, Japanese singer Shoko Nakagawa has hold her first Comics Concert in Beijing, China. It is Shoko Nakagawa’s first time to come to china, she never forget to interact with her fans, and she also say “I love Beijing”, “Hello, every one”, “Thanks” in Chinese. In addition to this, she also sing a Chinese song “the weather”. Then, Shoko Nakagawa show Nunchucks as her adores Bruce Lee when she was young, and at the end of her performance, she gave this Nunchucks to audience, and wearing the Sailor Moon Costume to sing the theme song of this animation. The most exciting things is the Shoko Nakagawa show Athene’s voice of Saint Seiya Ω.

The character of Sailor Soldiers in Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Costume

Headwear: a red circle in the middle

Headband: red and golden border circle on each side. In the anime, the headband has a function of receive and show the voice.

Frontlet: golden V style accessory, inlay a moon at the middle. (From 1st season to 4th season)

Earring: one pare of white pear eardrop compose golden star moon (at the 1st season)

Costumes: sailor suit (1st season), triple-lap mariniere (2nd season), cap sleeves sailor suit (3rd season, 4th season)

Necklace: one white silk ribbon with a golden moon in the middle.

Glove: white and red border gloves, and it long to elbow.( in the 5th season, there have red feather on them)

Shoes: red and white border boot, there have golden moon pattern on the white border

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury costume

Frontlet: golden V style strip, with elliptical sapphire on the middle.

Earring: in the anime, Sailor Mercury wearing three earrings, the above two small earrings are white pearl earrings, and the below bigger one is a sapphire earring, and it is a small communication receiver. In the animation, the earrings are just one pare ordinary pearl earrings.

Necklace: blue silk ribbon

Costumes: white top and blue miniskirt, sailor suit style; with a big blue bow on the chest and back.

Gloves: white and blue border long gloves

Shoes: blue and white border boots

sailor mars

Sailor Mars costume

Frontlet: golden V style fillet, with a elliptic ruby on the middle.

Earrings: hexangular red star earrings

Necklace: red silk ribbon

Costumes: white top and red miniskirt, sailor suit style; with a big red bow on the chest and back.

Gloves: white and red border long gloves

Shoes: red high heels

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter costume

Frontlet: golden V style fillet, with an elliptic emerald on the middle.

Earrings: pink rose style earrings

Necklace: emerald silk ribbon (with several stars in 4th and 5tj season)

Costumes: white top and emerald miniskirt, sailor suit style; with a big pink bow on the chest and back.

Gloves: white and green border long gloves

Shoes: green and white border boots

Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus costume

Frontlet: golden V style fillet, with an orange gem on the middle.

Earrings: red color, as big as gram, it is not very obvious at ordinary times

Necklace: orange silk ribbon with several yellow stars

Costumes: white top and orange miniskirt, sailor suit style; with a big blue bow on the chest and orange one on the back, in the middle of the bow on the bosom, there is a golden heart gem.

Gloves: white and orange border long gloves

Shoes: high heel bandage sandals with orange color