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The temptation of Uniform, Sailor Moon Uniform become the top one

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The Japanese entertainment site MyNavi unfold one poll aim at the female members about “which anime uniform is the most you want to wear?”; thre have 561 participants, and finally the uniform of Sailor Moon win the first place as 20.3% votes.

Sailor Moon

In generally, the Sailor Moon costume could said be deserved as the first prize, the design of the sailor moon costumes is very cute and special; it is very fit the sailor solders’ identity.

Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu

2nd Place: Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu — 11.2%

The aqua uniform and the red brooch could said be one classic match, although the dress is too short, as the high-waist design, it can show figure perfectly.

Hana Yori Dango

3rd Place: Hana Yori Dango — 11.1%

The plaid tops and skirts, the thin ribbon make the Eitoku Gakuen uniform become noble, which is worthy of one exclusive school.


4th Place: K-ON! — 9.1%

The navy tops matched with the gray mini-skirt, it is a nice wearing, no matter matched with panty-hose or the pants socks it perfectly fit.


5th Place: EVA — 8.4%

One special blue uniform, it is not like as other school uniforms, it is plain but full of youthful, if you feel the tight-fitting uniform did not suit you, you can try to cosplay these roles.

The funny comic strip of Sailor Moon

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This is a very funny topics of Sailor Moon, some people do comic strips of Sailor Moon according to some pop topics. Let’s see some of them~~

Stolen Identity

Stolen Identity

Kunzite’s Daily Job

Tuxedo Mask to the Rescue!

Tuxedo Mask to the Rescue!

Moon Crisis Make-Up!

Moon Crisis Make-Up!

Sailor Mercury’s Strategy

Sailor Mercury’s Strategy


Test how much you know about Sailor Moon

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sailor moon

1 How many sequels of Sailor Moon, and have you know each name?

2 How many soldiers in Sailor Moon and each name?

3 Who is the previous life of Chiba Mamoru, he acted whom in Sailor Moon?

4 Do you know the Japanese pronounce of Tsukino Usagi.

5 Please say the detail information of three Sailor Soldiers.(including the name, birthday, constellation, blood type, hobbies and so on)

6 Who is the author of Sailor Moon, what anime he has published?

7 How many books of the anime Sailor Moon?

8 At the anime, when would the Cbibi Moon come to Usagi’s side, and what is her real idenity.

9 At the anime, who was the 4th Sailor Soldiers?

10 At the animation, what is the song Three lights sings?

12 There have how many OVA of Sailor Moon, and each name of them.

13 what’s the soldier of Michiru Kaioh, Cbibi Moon and Kino Makoto respectively?

14 What’s the name of last two episode in 1st Sailor Moon?

15 What is the attract moves of Sailor Mercury?

16 What is the OP of Sailor Moon?

17 At the animation, who is the relative with one of the seven rainbow crystal?

18 Why ChibaMamoru would find the rainbow crystal?

19 What’s the difference of Tsukino Usagi in anime and animation?

20 What is Izumi Hoshino want to save mostly?

21 Why Prince Diamond kill Tsukino Usagi?

22 Luna loved whom among Four Heavenly Kings in Dark Kindom?

The character of Sailor Soldiers in Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Costume

Headwear: a red circle in the middle

Headband: red and golden border circle on each side. In the anime, the headband has a function of receive and show the voice.

Frontlet: golden V style accessory, inlay a moon at the middle. (From 1st season to 4th season)

Earring: one pare of white pear eardrop compose golden star moon (at the 1st season)

Costumes: sailor suit (1st season), triple-lap mariniere (2nd season), cap sleeves sailor suit (3rd season, 4th season)

Necklace: one white silk ribbon with a golden moon in the middle.

Glove: white and red border gloves, and it long to elbow.( in the 5th season, there have red feather on them)

Shoes: red and white border boot, there have golden moon pattern on the white border

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury costume

Frontlet: golden V style strip, with elliptical sapphire on the middle.

Earring: in the anime, Sailor Mercury wearing three earrings, the above two small earrings are white pearl earrings, and the below bigger one is a sapphire earring, and it is a small communication receiver. In the animation, the earrings are just one pare ordinary pearl earrings.

Necklace: blue silk ribbon

Costumes: white top and blue miniskirt, sailor suit style; with a big blue bow on the chest and back.

Gloves: white and blue border long gloves

Shoes: blue and white border boots

sailor mars

Sailor Mars costume

Frontlet: golden V style fillet, with a elliptic ruby on the middle.

Earrings: hexangular red star earrings

Necklace: red silk ribbon

Costumes: white top and red miniskirt, sailor suit style; with a big red bow on the chest and back.

Gloves: white and red border long gloves

Shoes: red high heels

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter costume

Frontlet: golden V style fillet, with an elliptic emerald on the middle.

Earrings: pink rose style earrings

Necklace: emerald silk ribbon (with several stars in 4th and 5tj season)

Costumes: white top and emerald miniskirt, sailor suit style; with a big pink bow on the chest and back.

Gloves: white and green border long gloves

Shoes: green and white border boots

Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus costume

Frontlet: golden V style fillet, with an orange gem on the middle.

Earrings: red color, as big as gram, it is not very obvious at ordinary times

Necklace: orange silk ribbon with several yellow stars

Costumes: white top and orange miniskirt, sailor suit style; with a big blue bow on the chest and orange one on the back, in the middle of the bow on the bosom, there is a golden heart gem.

Gloves: white and orange border long gloves

Shoes: high heel bandage sandals with orange color

My thoughts about Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is one fresh but gorgeous fairy tale. Form the got-up, it may did not compare with current Japanese animation, however, the simple but funny story and colorful scenes impressed us very much. This anime make us forget the unskilled of the production, instead, the vivid movement and expression make an impression to us. Although sometimes the story and expression of the characters seems too exaggerated, to some extent, it could make us blend in this gorgeous fairy tale.

Maybe some people have felt the story is too simple as one anime, every episode seems have similar mode, the danger appeared, soldiers came to the stage, and finally perish the enemy. The simple repeat cause the similar of different season of the animation, actually, every episode have different connotation, every part are contend the growth of Sailor Soldiers, they could not grow up in short time, everything need step by stop. So to our enthusiasts, every little growth of the hero, we feel surprised. By contrast, the tempo of the anime is quickly than the animation.

There is someone say the Sailor Moon is one gorgeous fairy tale between the prince and princess, in deed, it not only so, it also talk about the justice and love, the friend ship between the sailor soldiers, the loyal of the subordinate. In short, the sailor moon is the combination of beautiful, unites, courage, hope and believes.


Test who are you in Sailor Moon

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sailor moon

1 If you found the overdue drinks on the store of school, how should you do?

  •  Throw it away, anyway it not expansive —-2
  •  Ask for renewal it —–2
  •  Expose it to the related department ——–3

2 When you know there is someone speak ill of you, how should you do?

  • Dig dirt about him ——4
  • Ignore him —–3
  • Find fault with him to his face, and warn him don’t do this again——3

3 When you have conflicts with your friends, how should you do?

  • Think of it at first, and then apologize. —–4
  • Pay no attention to hin. —–5
  • Quarrel with him, even fight with him. ——5

4 What type of person you want to make friend with

  • Plainspoken and optimistic —- G type
  • Quiet and introverted ——5
  • Carefree and chirp all day —– 6

5 If one day, someone you hate asks you borrow one thing, how would you do?

  • Do not lend him ———- 7
  • Lend him ——–6
  • Lend him but with one condition at first——— 7

6 Which you like best, ocean, stream or lakes?

  • Ocean ———- F type
  • Stream ———8
  • Lakes —————- B type

7 Which you like best among dog, cat and horse?

  •  Dog ———–8
  •  Cat ———–A type
  •  Horse ——–8

8 Which you like best among Atomic Kitten?

Natasha———–C type

Kelly ———-E type

Liz ———D type


Analysis the wisdom and sober Sailor Mercury Mizuno Ami

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Mizuno Ami

To Mizuno Ami, she is the second one who joined in the Sailor Solider, and she is one wisdom and sober girl among all the soldiers. Actually, I think the appearance of Ami is also designed by the author.

We know in the first season, Sailor Moon was very careless and timid, and Ami is one meticulous and brave girl. For Ami’s these feature, we could find it on the 9 episode, at this episode; Usagi and Ami lose their way in the Time Labyrinth. We could contract their action, Usagi was very rash, she walked with swearing, while, Ami although have become solider just soon, her mind is very clam, she could use the intelligent computer Luna give her, and analyses the Time Labyrinth. From this aspect, we could know the appearance of Ami is not just optional, but the author designed for help Usagi become a mature and independent sailor solider. So at the beginning of the Sailor Moon, Usagi maybe prefer a orienter who could help her find her way to another powerful partner.

In the first season, the unique skills of Ami are single and little damage, it also decided Ami is not a solider who good at power. Only from the first season, the common unique skill of Ami is Shabon Spray, from the nocuity, this move doesn’t have any damage. But at the first season, all the solider were lacking experience and sophistication, at that time, Shabon Spray helps a lot. Ami could make the best of this move at the early time. Actually, Ami know her shortage clearly, she realize her lack of fighting force, so she would use her wisdom to defeat the enemies.

Except the strength, Ami also very care about her friendship, although she is a little quiet and weak in express. Ami is always thought of her other partners, especially Usagi.

The Moves of Sailor Mercury Mizuno Ami

Mercury Power Make Up

Super Space

Super-Dimensional Space Emergence

Shine Aqua Illusion

Mercury Star Power Make Up

Shine Snow Illusion

Mercury Planet Power Make Up

Mercury Aqua Mirage (Kanji: Aqua Mirage)

Mercury Crystal Power Make Up

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody

Sailor Planet Attack [+Sailor Mars+Sailor Jupiter+Sailor Venus]

The details of Tsukino Usagi in Sailor Moon anime and animation

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Tsukino Usagi

I think most enthusiasts are impressed by Tsukino Usagi in Sailor Moon, but if you know there have some differences between anime and animation, some senior fans analysis the distinguish between the anime and animation. So let’s talk about it.

Anime: In the anime, although the characteristic of Tsukino Usagi is also silly, lachrymose and a little willful as the animation, however, these states only last into the second season when Tsukino Usagi recover her preexistent memory, from then on, Tsukino Usagi began to grow up at an alarming rate. And different from Optimist of the animation, in the anime, Tsukino Usagi is very mature, feminine and even more melancholy, her character close to the Moon Princess Serenity. From the anime, we could find Tsukino Usagi is very kind, but it seems her know what her really need, and after she make up, she is very good at fighting which could called powerful. But in the TV animation, Tsukino Usagi always feels unprepared in fighting.

Animation: In the animation, it shown Tsukino Usagi’s feature bluntness and lachrymose perfectly, of course her kind. Usagi seems simpler and kinder in animation; she has many friends, and to her, these friends are more important than herself. And different from the anime, Usagi is really a sailor of love and justice. However, after Usagi make up, she is not as powerful as the anime, she usually lose herself when her face to the strong enemy. In the animation, Tsukino Usagi is luckily, no matter what her suffered, there have many friends around her, this is also a different, in anime, sailor moon often fights in isolation.

The Moves of Sailor Moon

Moon Prism Power Make Up

Moon Frisbee

Moon tiara action

Moon Twilight Flash

Moon Healing Escalation

Moon Crystal Power Make Up

Moon Princess Halation

Moon Cosmic Power Make Up

Moon Spiral Heart Attack

Crisis Make Up

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache

Rainbow Double Moon Heart Ache [+Sailor Chibi Moon]

Moon Crisis Make Up

Moon Gorgeous Meditation

Silver Moon Crystal Power Make Up

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss

Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss

Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power

The seiyuu of Sailor Moon

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Kotono Mitsuishi

Kotono Mitsuishi

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Tsukino Usagi

One Piece: Boa Hancock

Detective Conan: Rena Mizunashi

Gundam SEED: Murrue Ramius

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Misato Katsuragi

Tohru Huruya

Tohru Huruya

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Kamen

Saint Seiya: Seiya

Video Senshi Laserion: Takashi Katori

Mobile Suit Gundam: Amuro Ray

Aya Hisakawa

Aya Hisakawa

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Amy Anderson

Bleach: Unohana Retsu

Fruits Basket: Sohma Yuki

Card Captor Sakura: Kero

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Lindy Harlaown

Michie Tomizawa

Michie Tomizawa

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Rei Hino

Crayon Shin-chan: Ume Matsuzaka

Magic Kaito: Phantom lady

Sakura Taisen: Kanzaki Sumire

Emi Shinohara

Emi Shinohara

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Kino Makoto

Card Captor Sakura: Mizuki Kaho

X: Kishu Arashi

Naruto: uzumaki kushina

Detective Conan: Shinohara Emi

Rica Fukami

Rica Fukami

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Aino Minako

Digital Monsters: Ophanimon

Hitman Reborn: Sawada Nana

Blood+: Erizabeta

Megumi Ogata

Megumi Ogata

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Haruka Ten, young Tuxedo Kamen, Petz

YuYu Hakusho: Kurama, Shūichi Minamino

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari

Special A: Satoru Takishima

Masako Katsuki

Masako Katsuki

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Michiru Kaio

Detective Conan: hattori shizuka

Naruto: Tsunade

Bleach: Ran’Tao / Sōma Yoshino

Shakugan no ShanaMasako Katsuki: Sophie Sawallisch

Kawashima Chiyoko

Kawashima Chiyoko

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Sailor Pluto, Haruna Sakurada, Shingo Tsukino


Minaguchi Yuko

Minaguchi Yuko

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Tomoe Hotaru

CLANNAD: Kōko Ibuk

Card Captor Sakura: Nadeshiko Kinomoto

One Piece: Portgas D. Rouge

Slam Dunk: Yohko Shimamura

Saiyuki: Yaone

Keiko Han

Keiko Han

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Luna and Queen Beryl

Saint Seiya: Athena, Saori

Mobile Suit Gundam: Lalah Sune

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Annerose von Grünewald

Yasuhiro Takato

Yasuhiro Takato

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Artemis

One Piece: Butchie, Mr. 9

full metal alchemist: Gluttony

Axis Powers Hetalia: Russia

Kumiko Nishihara

Kumiko Nishihara

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Diana

One Piece: Kodama

Digimon Frontier: Lucemon

Doraemon: OL

Sakura taisen: Iris Chateaubriand

Shiho Niiyama

Shiho Niiyama

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Seiya Kou, Fuyumi

CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan: Suou Takamura

Gokinjo Monogatari: Risa Kanzaki

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit

Chika Sakamoto

Chika Sakamoto

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Sailor Star Healer

Digimon Adventure: Agumon, Natsuko Takaishi

Digital Monster X-Evolution: WarGreymon X

Digimon Xros Wars: Shoutmon

Kae Araki

Kae Araki

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: ChibiUsa

Digimon Adventure: Hikari Yagami, Patamon

Fushigi Yūgi: Miaka Yūki

Satou Hiroyuki

Satou Hiroyuki

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Jadeite

Bleach: Hirako Shinji

Tennis no ojisama: Momoshiro Takeshi

Slam Dunk: Hikoichi Aida

Card Captor Sakura: Koro

One Piece: Spandam

MÄR: Nanashi

Keiichi Nanba

Keiichi Nanba

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Gurio Umino, Zoisite

Saint Seiya: Pisces Aphrodite

TOUCH: Kazuya Uesugi

Digimon Adventure: Pinocchimon

Mori Katsuji

Mori Katsuji

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Nephrite

Saint Seiya: Capella, Belzebub, Jaow, Gemini Cloth

Cutey Honey: Seiji Hayami

Kazuyuki Sogabe

Kazuyuki Sogabe

Master Works:

Sailor Moon: Kunzite

Saint Seiya: Kanon, Saga

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gene, Commander Wakkein

One Piece: Ben Beckman

The animation sailor Moon first part

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Sailor Moon

Tsukino Usagi is one ordinary junior school student; she is a famous cry baby. One day, she saved a black cat Luna who has a crescent moon signet on its forehead, from then on, her fate was been changed. Luna gives Moon Prism to her, and makes her become a Sailor Soldier represent love and justice – Sailor Moon, and began to fight with demon. Boldfaced Sailor Moon suffer danger frequently, however, there is a mysterious Tuxedo Mask save her every time, sailor moon Tsukino Usagi fell in love with him gradually. And in daily life, Tsukino Usagi has often encountered her hated young boy Chiba Mamoru, they never meet without quarreling. And as the time going, other Sailor soldiers have appeared one after another. One genius girl Amy AndersonSailor Mercury; one is Hino Rei Sailor Mars; one powerful girl Kino MakotoSailor Jupiter; and finally one is a Sailor Venus Aino Minako who was the Sailor V.

When the sailor soldiers know their real identity, they should save the world and fight with the demon, and on the other hand, they should find the moon princess. Their enemy was the Dark Kingdom, there have Dark Four Heavenly Kings: Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, KunziteQueen Beryl and Queen Metalia. They aimed at finding the Illusion silver crystal to arouse Queen Metalia and then dominate the world. The ancient fragments of silver crystal have divide into 7 rainbow crystals for sealing seven demons, and when the seven fragments got together, the Illusion silver crystal would appeared. During their fighting, sailor soldiers, Tuxedo Mask, and Dark Kingdom own several fragments. At this time, Zoisite lie Chiba Mamoru to go to star Tower, and Tsukino Usagi has followed as her saw Chiba Mamoru was injured, in the hour of need, Tsukino Usagi Make Up in front of Chiba Mamoru! And Tsukino Usagi know Chiba is her loved Tuxedo Mask.


Zoisite to gain all the rainbow crystals by cheating, and still-hunt Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask was injured badly for saving Tsukino Usagi. Then Tsukino Usagi’s tear become the silver crystal and absorb all the rainbow crystals, and Tsukino Usagi also become the Moon Princess, she remember all the things, but at this time Chiba have been caught away, how could Sailor Moon solving this difficult question?

The first part of Sailor Moon is the most one who own favorable reception, want to know more excellent gut, please watch this animation.